Learn how our advanced genetic tests are revolutionizing health

Cardiology Genetic Tests

Phosphorus offers a menu of genetic tests for inherited cardiovascular and lipid disorders which can cause sudden cardiac death and early onset coronary artery disease.

Why Genetic Testing?

  • Confirmation of Diagnosis

    Heart conditions are often asymptomatic and can be missed using clinical criteria alone. Genetic testing can be used to reduce false positives and negatives and further refine etiology.

  • Early ID of Affected Patient & Families

    Evidence shows that when disease is identified early and treated aggressively, morbidity and mortality can be reduced significantly. Cascade testing of family members helps identify those affected so they can take necessary preventative steps.

  • Better Disease Management & Treatment

    Identifying a mutation may guide treatment plans in some cases, which could include more frequent screening, an implantable defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker, medications specific to a patient’s phenotype and physical activity restrictions.

Family Testing Program


Discounted Family Testing

We are committed to helping families better understand testing results to determine their risk when a pathogenic mutation or VUS is found.

Our Client Services and Genetic Counseling teams are available to facilitate family member testing for local and distant relatives.