Learn how our advanced genetic tests are revolutionizing health

Oncology Genetic Tests

Phosphorus offers a menu of genetic tests for hereditary cancers, which constitute 10-15% of cancer cases.

  • Risk Assessment

    10-15% of cancer cases have a hereditary component. Genetic testing can provide clarity for your patient and drastically improve cancer survival rates.

  • Family Testing

    Cascade testing facilitates identification of at-risk family members, so appropriate actions can be taken.

  • Treatment Planning

    High-risk patients and family members may benefit from increased surveillance, targeted medications, and prophylactic surgery. Radiation therapy is specifically contraindicated for some conditions.

Family Testing Program


Discounted Family Testing

We are committed to helping families better understand testing results to determine their risk when a pathogenic mutation or VUS is found.

Our Client Services and Genetic Counseling teams are available to facilitate family member testing for local and distant relatives.