Learn how our advanced genetic tests are revolutionizing health

Reproductive Health Genetic Tests

Genetic tests for the reproductive journey, including an expanded carrier screen and a test for genetic signatures associated with common male and female fertility conditions.


Offer your patients the most comprehensive tools to help plan a healthy pregnancy.

Why Genetic Testing?

  • Risk Assessment

    Genetic testing uncovers genetic contribution to disease etiology,
    clarifying asymptomatic conditions as well.

  • Pregnancy Insights

    Professional medical societies recommend that all women early in pregnancy be offered genetic carrier screening. Carrier screening can provide you with important information about potential genetic risks to your baby’s health.

  • Treatment Planning

    1 in 6 couples are impacted by infertility, yet a majority never receive a clear diagnosis as to why. Genetic testing can provide clarity in diagnosing and better treating infertility – helping to achieve a healthy pregnancy.