By Justin Farris

Harnessing the DRAGEN — The Fantastic Beast of Last Month’s Meetup

At Phosphorus’ second Big Data Meetup, attendees were treated to a presentation by Rami Mehio, VP Engineering at Edico Genome, a biotech company that specializes in accelerated bioinformatics analysis. Rami detailed DRAGEN –a bio-IT processor that allows for NGS analysis to be performed significantly faster by using hardware-accelerating FPGA technology.

Attendees learned about various other technologies for hardware acceleration, including GPU, ASIC, and Intel PHY, in addition to FPGA. Rami detailed the underlying need for accelerated hardware to improve genomic pipeline applications and also revealed some of the algorithms Edico Genome employs. These included algorithms for mapping/aligning, variant calling, and several other current and future use cases.

Following the presentation, attendees commingled to discuss their thoughts about DRAGEN, as well as other concepts like the hardware/software divide, quantum computing, and even Schroedinger’s cat. In addition to the intellectual nourishment, attendees were treated to physical comfort food as well –Gotham’s pizza!

For more info on DRAGEN, visit the Edico Genome website here. You can also check out the video of Rami Mehio’s talk, below.

Please feel free to share some of your own interesting resources or suggestions in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

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