By Justin Farris

Inside Phosphorus: Meet Emily, Operations Specialist!

Hey Emily, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! I grew up in Connecticut and then went to the University of Vermont, where I completed my undergraduate degree, and then moved to New York City. Before starting with Phosphorus, I worked for Hospital for Special Surgery as a Managed Care Liaison at one of their off-site locations at Goldman Sachs, and then as a Billing Coordinator at the hospital’s main campus. During that time, I received my Medical Coding and Billing Certificate from Hunter College and became a Certified Professional Coder through AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders). I am now currently pursuing my MBA with a focus in Strategic Healthcare Management from Hofstra University in their Manhattan cohort.

What is your title at Phosphorus? What do you do for the company?

I am an Operations Specialist, which means that I assist in various operational projects required to help get the company up and running! My main projects right now include assisting with the development of the billing platform and registering the third party systems needed to support our software and workflow processes.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get to work with people from such diverse backgrounds, including genetic counselors, software engineers, data scientists, and marketing specialists. I am constantly learning and encouraged to push the boundaries. I love that I work with such smart, hardworking, and dedicated colleagues.

What have you learned from working at Phosphorus?

I have learned so much about the intricacies of starting and running a company. What is so amazing is that I am growing both professionally and personally as Phosphorus grows as a company. I am able to experience firsthand what I am learning in my MBA program. I am not pigeon-holed in my role, so I am able to get experience from across the entire company.

What has been your favorite project so far?

I love being a part of building a company from the ground up. I really enjoy creating P&Ps (policies and procedures) and SOPs (standard operating procedures) to ensure efficient workflow and processes. I also loved getting out of my comfort zone by working with the marketing team to design and order the genetic testing sample collection kits.

What is your typical workday like?

I commute from Connecticut, so my day starts on the train, where I check my emails and then try to fit in a little homework. Once I get to the office, no two days are the same! It usually includes researching a potential vendor or supplier, having a call or demo with a third party, working on our billing workflow and processes, and asking Greg (our Senior Diagnostics Associate) to show me pictures of his puppy.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Be true to yourself. I think Gandhi said it best, “Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self”.

Tell us something about you most people don’t know.

I am a dual citizen. My mother is British, so half of my family lives across the pond!

What is one thing you are looking forward to in your free time this next year?

There is little down time for me in 2017; I graduate from my MBA program in December, and then I am getting married several months later, so any extra time is devoted to studying and wedding planning!

Do you have any hobbies?

When I do have extra time, I love to cook! In undergrad, I actually minored in Nutrition (but I am much better at eating than I am at cooking). I also love to travel; I enjoy exploring new places and cultures all over the world.

Which ice cream flavor best describes you?

Cherry Garcia… because I am sweet and reliable [insert blushing emoji].

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