From January 23-25, influential minds in the world of personalized medicine will gather in Silicon Valley for the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2017 to share ideas and drive awareness of important new health topics. PMWC attracts recognized authorities and experts across the healthcare and biotech sectors to convene and discuss the multifarious paths of precision medicine in the contemporary age. This year, Phosphorus CEO Alexander Bisignano will offer his own thoughts in a presentation titled, “A Distributed Clinical Data Network: Enabling Adoption of NGS.”

The presentation will address the many fundamental challenges that inhibit the proliferation of clinical genomics, including lack of standardization within the field, prohibitive costs of incremental technology advances, inability of smaller entities to produce meaningful research without access to big data, and siloed data stores. He will explain how Phosphorus’ Elements Clinical NGS workflow software is tackling these barriers by equipping clinical laboratories with intuitive, cloud-based software for delivery of advanced clinical genetic tests and constructing a powerful Distributed Clinical Data Network. Phosphorus is enabling network members around the globe to participate in and benefit from an ecosystem of data sharing that alleviates the challenges of delivering genetic tests.

We look forward to sharing our vision and journey toward a world where every healthcare decision is powered by genomics.