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Phosphorus Elements Software

Phosphorus Elements software is a cloud-based end-to-end tool for developing and delivering advanced genetic tests and managing troves of clinical data. Whether you are an existing lab seeking to optimize use of available next-generation sequencing instrumentation or a lab new to clinical genetics, benefit from:
  • Cloud-based software with a friendly, graphic interface
  • A full menu of gene libraries for tests in a variety of disease areas
  • A variant database supported by a global network of curators
  • Customizable branding for test reports
  • HL7 EMR integration
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant software


Phosphorus Elements Software consists of six primary modules that follow the workflow of collecting, tracking, analyzing, and reporting the results of a clinical DNA sample.

Logistics Lg

The Logistics [Lg] module helps laboratories manage sample collection, customer/facility inventory, fulfillment of new orders and generation of custom barcode, requisitions, and consent forms.

Main Features
  • Customer Inventory Tracking
  • Custom Barcoding
  • Custom Requisition/Consent Forms
  • Inventory Analysis & Reporting

Accessioning Ac

The Accessioning [Ac] module helps laboratories perform sample intake, digitize accompanying paper, input requisition form data, manage Patient Health Information (PHI) and perform data entry quality control.

Main Features
  • Integrated Barcode Scanning Sample Intake
  • Requisition & Other Paper Digitization
  • Optimized Input Forms
  • Secondary Data Review Processes

Lab tracking Lt

The Laboratory Tracking [Lt] module helps laboratories manage all sample assay requests, track the progress of individual samples, and design and perform assays in a variety of sample formats.

Main Features
  • Sample Awaiting Assay Tracking
  • Multiple Assay per Sample Support
  • Digital Sample Plate & Barcode Tracking
  • Varibale Plate & Assay Support

Bioinformatics BI

The Bioinformatics [Bi] module helps laboratories track data analysis, implement custom algorithms, review assay performance, QC sample results and manage requests for further analysis.

Main Features
  • Pipeline Execution Tracking
  • Custom Algorithm implementation
  • Assay QC / Approval Tools
  • Send-Out / Confirmation tracking

Variant curation Vc

The Variant curation [Vc] module helps laboratories analyze new variants, link clinical evidence, quickly integrate data from PubMed, ClinVar and others, and clarify new variants found on assays.

Main Features
  • Automated Variant Awaiting Curation Queue
  • Integrated Variant Data Screen
  • Conflict Resolution for Differing Curations
  • Curator Tracking & Evaluation Tools

Reporting Rp

The Reporting [Rp] module helps laboratories manage all the custom reports, execute approvals and sign-offs, hold reports, track transmissions, and transmit via fax, email, snail mail or HL7 interface.

Main Features
  • Custom Report Templates
  • Report QC and Sign-Off
  • Report Holding
  • Transmission via Fax, Email, HL7 or Paper


Phosphorus works with partner laboratories around the world by providing powerful, intuitive genetic testing software and connecting them within a data network that becomes smarter as it grows - leading to faster and more accurate patient diagnosis.
  • Regional Hospitals

    We partner with hospitals to stay at the cutting edge of testing and research by implementing advanced genetic analysis workflows.

  • Health Networks

    We partner with health networks to improve the speed and quality of patient care and keep critical testing revenue in-house.

  • Commercial Labs

    We partner with commercial labs to help them gain a competitive edge by offering the most advanced and complete genetic tests.


Recombine CarrierMap

Phosphorus Elements software proudly powers the backend sample tracking and informatics workflow for the Recombine CarrierMap test – a genetic carrier screen for over 300 diseases.

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