Deliver on the Promise of Genomics

Phosphorus unites the power of medical-grade genetic testing, proprietary technology, and a provider-centric partnership model to unlock the value of genomics-informed care.

GENETICS’ ROLE IN Everyday Health

Close the Gap Between Genetics and Personalized Healthcare

Illuminating individuals’ genetic information can transform everyday treatment planning. With Phosphorus’ turnkey provider solutions and at-home test kits, high quality genetic testing is now accessible and affordable.

Why Genetic Testing?

At Phosphorus, our goal is to bridge the divide between medicine and genomics to improve the health of people everywhere.”

Alex Bisignano, Co-Founder & CEO

For Providers

Elevate your Practice and Improve Care

With both outsourced and insourced lab solutions, we manage the complexities of genetic testing, allowing you to own the full continuum of care and increase ROI.

We haven’t yet tapped into the full potential and utility of the human genome in medicine due to fundamental challenges.”

Gabriel Lazarin, MS, CGC, VP of Medical Affairs & Marketing

Clinical-Grade Genetic Testing: A Holistic View of Genomic Health

Our tests leverage the latest applications of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and advanced bioinformatics, ensuring the results are clinically accurate and actionable.

  • PhosphorusOne: the most comprehensive assessment of genetic health.
  • COVID-19: a saliva-based, RT-qPCR test for SARS-CoV-2.
  • Panel-specific tests across a range of specialties.

Proprietary Software and Technology: Powering Genetic Testing Broadly

Our Elements™ software suite powers diagnostic genetic testing for laboratories, hospital networks, practices, and our lab, allowing clinical partners worldwide to connect seamlessly to perform clinical testing workflows.

Unique Partnering and Licensing Model: Flexible Integration of Services

We offer a range of flexible partnering and licensing options, from physician-owned in-house lab setup to fully outsourced, enabling integration of one-stop, medical-grade genetics and screening into patient care.

Learn more about how to partner with us.

For Individuals

See the Complete You

Genetics means a lot more than ancestry. Your genome, or collection of your genetic information, can reveal predisposition for many conditions and help inform daily decisions. We can get you tested and ensure you have the right information to decide your next steps.

Our Tests

Affordable, Accessible Genetics

We’re the first to provide affordable, accessible, clinical-grade genetic tests that can seamlessly integrate into your physician’s treatment toolkit.

Genetic Testing Covid-19 Testing

1 in 5 "healthy" adults may carry disease-related genetic mutations, yet only 5% have undergone genetic testing.

— Vassy, Jason, et al. “Whole-Genome Sequencing in Primary Care.” Annals of Internal Medicine, vol. 167, no. 3, 2017, doi:10.7326/p17-9040; What’s in Your DNA?

We Are Experienced

Built by Scientists

Our team is composed of scientists, geneticists, laboratory experts, and bioinformaticians who are experts in delivering medical-grade genetic testing through next-generation sequencing and RT-qPCR in our state-of-the-art, CLIA-licensed, CAP-accredited laboratory.

Proprietary Technology

Medically Actionable Results with Scientific Precision

Our validated tests are performed using cutting-edge lab methods and customized, proprietary software developed for the intricacies of genetic testing. We unlock the promise of genomics in everyday health with Elements, a platform that enables our own lab, and labs across the world, to easily offer the most advanced genetic tests.

Our Technology