Introducing GeneCompass:

The first holistic, medical-grade, preventative genetic testing platform at an affordable price. Tests built with GeneCompass analyze over 400 genes using medical-grade technology capable of detecting real health risks, enabling you to mitigate and even prevent serious health issues down the road.

Own Your Health With GeneCompass

GeneCompass delivers information that helps you and your doctors make the best decisions for your lifelong health journey. The results you receive can inform how you are monitored for health risks, what medications are best for you, and give you the steps you can take to optimize your daily health.

Since the launch of GeneCompass, we’ve been dedicated to creating a genomics experience that delivers valuable insights and guides healthier futures. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to announce that our experts are now upgrading GeneCompass based on everything we’ve learned.

What will you find on our GeneCompass preventative genetic test?

GeneCompass determines if you have variations in your genes that increase your risk for over 200 well-researched diseases. Uncover the best path forward toward monitoring, preventing, and optimally treating severe, often life-altering conditions.

GeneCompass analyzes how your genes interact with more than 300 drugs, including common prescription and over-the-counter medications, that are used across the medical spectrum. Gene-drug interaction insights can help you and your physician or pharmacist choose the safest, most effective medications for you.

Examine how your DNA impacts over 40 traits associated with Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Skin, and Hair. Discover lifestyle changes, products, and supplements that can meaningfully amplify your life.

The Phosphorus Health Portal will help you understand your unique genetic profile, how it impacts your health, and what you should be doing now to get ahead of your genes.

Delivering on the Promise of the Human Genome: GeneCompass

Preventative Genomics is Finally Here

GeneCompass is the first medical-grade, holistic, preventative genetic test available at an affordable price point without sacrificing content, quality, or accuracy.

It is time we finally made a medical-grade genetic test available as a proactive, preventative tool. I’m tired of seeing genetics being used to explain what happened after a patient has already been diagnosed with a severe disease or worse. We should be preventing these diseases before they happen.”

Alex Bisignano, Co-Founder & CEO


Your Privacy Comes First

Phosphorus’ number one priority is to ensure that your data is protected. The team recognizes that you are entrusting us with your personal and genetic information and takes this responsibility seriously. Rest assured, your information is and will always be yours. 

Delivering on the Promise of the Human Genome: Genetic Counseling

We are your partner in translating your genetic test into meaningful and actionable insights.

GeneCompass customers are provided with telehealth access to board-certified Clinical Genetic Counselors to help interpret your results and set a course of action.

Fundamental challenges have historically prevented us from tapping into the full potential and utility of the human genome. We aim to change that through advances in technology and integration of providers to help form a partnership in care with our patients.”

Gabriel Lazarin, MS, CGC, VP of Medical Affairs & Marketing

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