A Genomics Platform That Powers Personalized Health for Patients and Individuals

Phosphorus is a leader in clinical-grade testing at scale. From provider genetics solutions to highly accurate COVID-19 testing, we provide the technology, infrastructure, and expertise to drive care initiatives. We work with physicians, healthcare organizations, employers, and practices to improve health outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to extend and improve lives by making genomics a foundational part of everyone's health and wellness journey.

We pioneered Clinical Genomics as a Service to reduce the complexity of integrating genomics into everyday care.

Our comprehensive, flexible offering is the first to unlock a new market opportunity by simplifying and incentivizing the integration of clinical genomics into everyday patient care.

Now, the promise of genomics is not just affordable and accessible, but also integral to improved health and better care of patients everywhere.

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The Beginning

Phosphorus was founded in 2016 by Alexander Bisignano and Dr. Santiago Munne, experts in medical genetics.

Bisignano and Munne wanted to bring constitutional genetics into everyday clinical practice, as this kind of testing was typically only being done for people when they were very sick already. Genetic testing is still very much underutilized, but Phosphorus’ goal is to make genomics part of every individual's healthcare journey.

Company Timeline

2016 Jul Founding
Oct Fertility Map Study
2017 Mar Launch of Genetic Tests for Inherited Cardiology Diseases Associated with Sudden Death and High Cholesterol
Jun Launch of Genetic Test for Hereditary Cancers
Sep Launch of Diagnostic Ophthalmology and Drug Response Genetic Tests
Oct Launch of Elements Platform
2018 Sep Launch of Expanded Dyslipidemia Test with Pharmacogenetic Indications and Polygenic Risk Score
2019 Jan NYSDOH Lab Permit and Test Approvals
Mar PhosphorusONE Launch & Approval from NYSDOH
2020 May Launch of COVID-19 Viral Test
Jun FDA EUA for COVID-19 Viral Test

Our Leadership

Our Values

More than just an idea, our values guide the work we do every day.

Achieve together

We unite to achieve our mission and recognize that we will only be successful when we’ve worked as a team.

Operate with openness

In all interactions, especially ones that become complex or difficult, our guiding principles are truth, honesty, and openness toward one another.

Embrace uncertainty

We move forward when confronted with opacity, and are comfortable operating with uncertainty. Decisiveness is always better than inaction.

Put patients first

We take our responsibility as a healthcare provider seriously. We act in the best interests of our patients and believe ethics are a critical part of our success.

Demand attention to detail

The upfront investment in quality and accuracy increases our efficiency, and improves our customers’ and patients’ experiences.

Simplify the complex

We succeed when all internal and external stakeholders, no matter their backgrounds, understand our work.

Working with Us

We are a team of scientists using genomics to improve human health. Join us.

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